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We excel at providing friendly, reliable service at affordable prices.We offer a prompt and courteous mobile service in any location in the Big Apple Area.We are specializing in window, wall, split-system, commercial air conditioners and energy efficient lighting.


Our Services


AC installation

Air conditioning Installation is a complex process. We offer high quality installation of residential and commercial air conditioning with the use of professional equipment and fine materials, at a lower cost. There are only certified professionals in our assembly department with at least of 3 years of experience. Working locally, we cover the whole New York City area.

Window & Thru-the- Wall Air Conditioners:

Air Conditioning Installation: Regular/Custom/Top/
Through-the –wall
Preventative Maintenance
Universal Support (small)
Remove old A/C from the window/Wall
Universal Support (large)
Take away old A/C to recycling
Regular Triangle bracket
Raised on Floor (s)
Custom Bracket
Delivery unit (s)
Aluminum Bar
Cutting children gate
Installation Plexiglass one side
Installation Foam Board one side
Chemical cleaning:


Split Air Conditioner (Split duct and Split Ductless)
Air Conditioning Repair
Air Conditioning Maintenance
Maintenance Agreements
Commercial Central Air Conditioners


Maintenance, support and repair

Maintenance Agreements Commercial AC Repair

With our Customer Service department we provide a full range of repairing and maintenance of air conditioning systems, household products,ventilation systems, light industrial and industrial split systems.
Our teams are equipped with all the necessary diagnostic equipment. All work is done strictly with special liquids to clean heat exchangers and drainage systems.
We produce one-off repair – preventive maintenance, and periodic maintenance of air conditioners (under contract).

Why is it important to carry out maintenance of air conditioners?

The life of air conditioner will be significantly shorter without maintenance. Dust and a variety of bacteria gets absorbed into the air conditioner through split system, and accumulates on heat exchangers with a thick layer, clogging drainage system and air filters. When the filter is clogged, air conditioner not only becomes unable to perform its functionality, but also releases germs and dirt particles into the room, increasing the risk to human health.

A list of major maintenance of air conditioners:

Hardware Diagnostics
Cleaning the filters of the indoor unit
Cleaning of the drainage system
Control parameters of the indoor unit
Checking the operating pressure in the system
Refueling Freon (within the allowable leakage)
Shoe external heat exchanger unit (if necessary)


Pre-season units preparation

The importance of preseason prevention unit.

New Yorker’s, it’s the right time to check and clean your air conditioning system, and ensure that it is functioning safely and properly. A top-performing AC system is the key to an energy efficient, cost effective and comfortable home. Our Air Conditioning Clean & Check technical maintenance plan includes inspection of all controls to ensure functionality, a measure of equipment noise levels, and a record of device voltage against rated-voltage. We properly lubricate high-impact items as needed, inspecting and recording refrigerant high and low pressures, and observing and documenting the overall equipment conditions. Air Conditioner NY will then clean all equipment while inspecting fan operations for balance, alignment and direction, and recording amperage against safety-standard rated amps, and inspect for any condensate in the lines, finally recording outside and inside ambient temperatures as part of a complete maintenance report.

Air conditioning systems are complex and regulated home appliances, requiring professional maintenance to properly function at the best rate of energy consumption, and for the longest period of time. Air Conditioner NY is here to do the job right, contact us today and beat the seasonal pricing.


Annual tune-up and inspections

A thorough examination of system components including coils and contactors.

Over time, coils may become dirt incrusted. Dirty coils cause a cooling system to work less efficiently. A unit with dirty coils uses more electricity, cools less effectively, and places undo stress on the compressor. Likewise, burned contactors compromise the efficiency of a cooling system and can cause damage to the compressor. An annual inspection allows a technician to identify dirty coils and burned out contactors before they cause long term damage to your system. It is much cheaper to have your coils cleaned or your contactors replaced than it is to replace a compressor.

Examination of air filters.

Clean air filters improve the efficiency of your system and improve the quality of air circulating through your home or place of business.

Cleaning and treatment of condensation lines.

Clogged condensation lines and drain lines can cause water (moisture accumulated by your air conditioning system) to leak through your ceilings or walls. Our cooling inspection also includes an algaecide treatment to reduce the growth of algae and bacteria which can clog your drain lines.

Examination of electric components.

Worn electrical components can create a fire hazard or can cause your unit to unexpectedly break down.

Measurement of unit’s power usage.
Efficient power usage generally indicates that a unit is working correctly and reliably.


Heating services

Furnace Installation

Our experts carry out the installation of furnace in accordance with the requirements of quality. Because today there exists a large selection of furnaces that have different operating characteristics, made of different materials, we apply various engineering solutions when working with them.

Furnace Repair

During the lifetime operation of the heating system there may be situations that require replacing radiator, reducing or increasing the number of sections, or flush the radiator.

Furnace & Air Handler

A furnace and an air handler are the basic air delivery systems. The difference is that furnace consists of air circulating fan with a heating device, and air handler with an evaporator coil built-in for air conditioning.

Preventative Maintenance

While your furnace is not in use, the molecules of carbon monoxide get accumulated in the system, and then poison the air in the room. Also, the pipes can get rusted or disconnected. Before the cold season starts, you want to do your furnace checkup to make sure it is going to keep you warm at a proper mode.


Windows units

Window air conditioner is a built-in unit that contains both evaporator and compressor with condenser. It is installed in an aperture of window or wall hole in such a way that its outer part is in contact with the atmosphere, and the inner part with evaporator is inside the room. Naturally, there are two fans: the first one blows the condenser, and the second one drives air through the cooled evaporator inside the room.
The main advantage of this type of conditioning is that all electrical connections and piping are located inside the unit. For installation it will be sufficient to fix the conditioner and connect its power cord to a wall outlet. No specific equipment is necessary.


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Russell H.'s Review Russell H.
5 Stars

Awesome job!

Called up a week ago and let him know which sleeve I had and how big my room was and also that I was looking to buy a unit with the best...

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Of the three vendors I emailed for price quotes, Vlad's was the only one to respond the same day. The installer, Michael, emailed his phone number and...

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